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Sunset Riding

Horse Riding

Sunset Riding

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Experience: No experience required

Length: 3km

Price: 40€ per person

Age Minimum: 4 years old

Weight Limit: 100kg

Clothing Requirements: Long trousers and trainers.

Equipment Provided: Helmets, Riding Boots (if you have no trainers), Protective Vests (for children only)

This ride needs no prior riding experience. For children with no experience we offer leaders for them who will walk alongside their horses to ensure they are safe. For adults we will show you the basic controls to ride your horse. Our horses do these rides every day and are trained to follow behind another horse. There will always be a lead rider from our stables guiding the ride. Our group sizes can range from 1 - 15 persons.

We start our ride always from our stables and make our way through the fields and dirt roads to get to the Salt Lake. This is where will go straight down get to the best beach on Kos. Down at the beach you will be blown away by the breathtaking views of the Sunset and of course our workers will be able take photos of you with your phones to always have as a memory of your ride.

Important Information:

We have the right to refuse anyone to ride with no refund, should we feel the safety of others and our horses to be compromised at any time.

We will always judge the rider by their ability, age and weight in order to find the most suitable horse for them and there will be no debate about it.


beautiful view, pictures taken on the beach, free transfer from the hotel

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